The Academy of Constitutional Law is one of the most prominent projects implemented by the Arab Organization for Constitutional Law since 2015. The Academy seeks to identify the trends in constitution-making in all Arab countries, the most interesting and controversial constitutional issues, and focuses on the most recent reform processes that began since 2011.

The Academy is part of an effort to encourage researchers in Arab countries to dialogue and work with each other on a select number of constitutional issues with the aim of exchanging experiences and studying common challenges. The Academy also aims to contribute to preparing an incubator environment for distinguished studies and pioneering scientific research programs of practical importance and returns.

The work of the Academy begins with the selection of researchers / activists interested in constitutional law, during a competitive process during which dozens of researchers and activists apply to join the Academy. The door to applying to the Academy is opened through publishing on the organization’s website and its communication platforms.

After announcing the final list of participants, the activities of the Academy will take place during which the participating researchers develop policy papers on predefined topics and receive supervision and enrichment in their work from prominent Arab and international experts, until the policy papers are finalized and approved for publication.

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