The Arab Organization for Constitutional Law closely follows all the constitutional developments that are taking place, or what is related to constitutional institutions, in the Arab world, and is keen to interact with these developments. In this context, and within the framework of the transformations that took place in both Algeria and Sudan during the year 2019, the Arab Organization worked to launch a project that responds to these developments and to which the organization contributes with its accumulated experience in this regard.

The working groups project comes as a modest effort in this direction through the formation of two groups of experts and activists concerned with what is happening in Sudan, on the one hand, and Algeria on the other hand. The main objective of forming the two groups is interaction between their members, over a period of six months, through multiple meetings, with the aim of producing research papers and specialized articles to monitor the legal and constitutional situation in the two countries, and to contribute to the democratic transformation that occurred in them, by proposing and launching ideas and initiatives that are crystallized during the activity Expert group.

The Arab Organization for Constitutional Law publishes these papers and proposals on the largest possible scale, with the aim of expanding the circle of knowledge and enriching public debate, at the Arab level in general, and the Algerian and Sudanese in particular.